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Turn the past into the present in the abbey

A thousand years of history, a dream of stone emerged from the depths of the ages.

The light caresses the stone. Diving, back-diving, escape lines… The abbey of Saint-Michel emerges from the forest. A pure jewel. Founded in 945 by Irish monks, the Benedictine abbey crosses eras and styles.

Baroque façade, Gothic choir, classical style of the 17th century, Romanesque cloister, Boizard organ from the 18th century, remarkably preserved.

The spaces are multiple, and they keep opening up, moving towards the sky, and contracting on the intimate extreme.

The magic of colors. The alternating stone and brick in the cloister, an Irish green lawn for the central courtyard: a setting for a series of six mural paintings that tells the life of Saint Benedict. A monumental comic book.

Identity sheet


Varied spaces: church, cloister, bedrooms, large rooms, refectory and garden


Baroque and Gothic styles, 16th century fresco, the organ of the early 18th century, a bower hedge, a church, a cloister, authentic annex buildings


About twenty places around the church


6 rue du Chamiteau
02830 Saint-Michel


About 3 hrs from Paris
About 2 hrs from Lille
About 2,20 hrs from Brussels


Nearest railway station: Hirson

Accommodation nearby

Bed and breakfast in the Abbey, several cottages in Saint-Michel, a camping site in Hirson "Domaine de Blangy"


Several toilets spread over several floors