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World wars


Turning theater of battles into one's movie set

Place of conflicts for centuries, the Thiérache region was a victim of its strategic location. During the Great War, an impenetrable border enclosed more than half of the Aisne department. The population survived in a harsh context, without any possible communication with the outside world.

The Thiérache region was then only a pool of labor, raw materials, and manufactured goods for the German army. In 1917, Picardy was liberated but did not come out safe and sound. The department had no less than 139 villages completely devastated…

The 1920’s were the years of reconstruction. Villages were rebuilt in brick, and it was time to pay tribute to the dead. The Second World War did not spare Picardy. The territory was once again invaded by the German army. It is still possible to see the remains of the French Resistance in the Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache forest. Nearly forty casemates resisted the assaults of the German army and constituted a link along the Belgian border between the fortifications of Maubeuge and of the Ardennes.

Locations and settings

Dark, misty, eerie, surreal, poetic… the Thiérache region offers a wide range of atmospheres where your movies will reach their full meaning. You will undoubtedly find the perfect setting where your characters will come alive. Choose the scenery that will bring your scenarios to reality.

Exceptional site

These admirable locations, with their cinematic atmosphere, contribute to the interest you will have in Thiérache.

Through the ages

Transplant your scenario into a heritage that has been preserved for nearly 500 years, when civil and religious wars raged.

Industrial and social

In this country of coal and steel production with numerous still operating or abandoned factories, you will find atypical spaces that are a source of inspiration for your films.

World wars

Recreate the atmosphere of both wars in an environment that retains the memory of the conflicts that took place there.

Nature and landscapes

Looking for a change of scenery, meadows, fields as far as the eye can see, waterfalls and rivers? Thiérache provides a green setting for your production.

Rural atmosphere

The rural Thiérache, with its farms, livestock, hedgerows, and more, provides the backdrop for your staging.

Unusual places in Thiérache

When a door opens on these places, by chance or by choice, it is impossible not to see a potential setting for fiction.