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Any extraordinary realisation in mind? Film at the Familistère

The Familistère de Guise is a unique project in the world. A place of all dystopias under the open sky, the figment from Jean-Baptiste Rodin’s imagination, realised in 1849. This social palace is the only existing architectural realisation that combines collective living and production association.

30,000 m² of surface area, a glass roof, 495 flats, a hundred or so cellars, a four-storey corbel, a central courtyard that can accommodate a thousand guests, a 450-seat Italian-style theatre, schools, a nursery with 50 cots, a fencing room, washhouses and baths for learning to swim, a 19th-century-style pleasure garden.

The Familistère offers an exceptional playground.

Identity sheet


A 30,000 m² Palace, an Italian-style theatre
a swimming pool
a natural park of over 10 hectares
a pleasure garden of 1.2 hectares
a bursar's office that has become a restaurant


The Italian-style theatre, the great mosaic of the left wing, 495 flats still in its original condition, its Eiffel style, its attics, its cleaning tower, more than a half mile of corridors


5 car parks around the Familistère, with 260 spaces


Place du Familistère
02 120 Guise


About 2,5 hrs from Paris
About 1,5 hrs from Lille
About 2,5 hrs from Brussels


Nearest railway station: Saint-Quentin
Bus from Saint-Quentin station

Accommodation nearby

1 hotel and 1 campsite in Guise


In the different areas of the site