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Exceptional sites


Exceptional sites

There are places that are like no other. A history lives within them, an atmosphere persists, the whole permeates through the walls, hangs in the corridors, in the corners of the room, in the frames of the windows. The joyful shouting, the sweat of workers, the worries of parents and the laughter of children remain despite the passing of time. The smell of these places is unique, like suspended dust in the light.

They are these places that make one feels other and elsewhere once the door is passed.

Locations and settings

Dark, misty, eerie, surreal, poetic… the Thiérache region offers a wide range of atmospheres where your movies will reach their full meaning. You will undoubtedly find the perfect setting where your characters will come alive. Choose the scenery that will bring your scenarios to reality.

Exceptional site

These admirable locations, with their cinematic atmosphere, contribute to the interest you will have in Thiérache.

Through the ages

Transplant your scenario into a heritage that has been preserved for nearly 500 years, when civil and religious wars raged.

Industrial and social

In this country of coal and steel production with numerous still operating or abandoned factories, you will find atypical spaces that are a source of inspiration for your films.

World wars

Recreate the atmosphere of both wars in an environment that retains the memory of the conflicts that took place there.

Nature and landscapes

Looking for a change of scenery, meadows, fields as far as the eye can see, waterfalls and rivers? Thiérache provides a green setting for your production.

Rural atmosphere

The rural Thiérache, with its farms, livestock, hedgerows, and more, provides the backdrop for your staging.

Unusual places in Thiérache

When a door opens on these places, by chance or by choice, it is impossible not to see a potential setting for fiction.