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A region committed to movie creation

Thanks to a very dense network of professionals, the Hauts-de-France region offers a pool of resources and talents, and all the helpful assets to realize your cinematographic desires.

The Hauts-de-France region offers producers, directors, and entrepreneurs the best conditions for success

  • 2nd region for movie production (besides Ile-de-France), in terms of public funding and number of shooting days. Schools and training, service providers, sound and image technicians, cutting-edge equipment.
  • About 9 million euros per year made available through a production assistance fund.
  • 10 funds are dedicated to creation: Cinema / TV, Short Film, Video Game, Animation, Documentary, New Media, Emergence, Hauts-de-France Talent, Editorial Program Support, Economic.
  • 1200 sets in the Hauts-de-France region.
  • More than 200 works are supported per year by the region.

A network of professionals at the service of audiovisual creation

    • 50 writers/directors
    • Almost 800 technicians and actors
    • 2,400 intermittent workers in the audiovisual and movie industries
    • Almost 500 associative and entrepreneurial structures
    • 30 training organisations
    • A pool of aspiring talents with many students from certified trainings in the audiovisual field (BTS des Métiers de l’Audiovisuel at the Henri-Martin high school in Saint-Quentin, the Performing Arts program at the University of Amiens, the Cinematographic program at the University of Lille…), training courses to be found here (pdf).

An open-air studio

660 km2 of natural areas

On this very well-kept territory, rich landscapes follow one another, filled with an exceptional wildlife… The icy atmosphere of the woods brings to minds the Ardennes. The settings of the forests hide remains of history. The slate roofs of the houses contrast with the green horizon extending out of sight.

A land of waterways

Springs, streams, and rivers run through the Thiérache, drawing the border between France and Belgium with its flow, carving and fixing in time the valleys, the landscapes will give life to your scenarios.

Practical information

Car access

Paris – Guise 180 km 2,5 hrs
Paris- Vervins 175 km 2,5 hrs
Paris – Hirson 200 km 2,7 hrs
Lille – Guise 105 km 1,5 hr
Lille – Hirson 127 km 1,45 hr
Lille – Vervins 127 km 2 hrs
Brussels – Hirson 129 km 2,15 hrs
Brussels – Vervins 146 km 2,5 hrs
Brussels – Guise 160 km 2,5 hrs
Luxemburg – Hirson 179 km 2,5 hrs
Luxemburg – Vervins 194 km 3 hrs
Luxemburg – Guise 243 km 3 hrs

Train access

Paris – Saint-Quentin 1,5 hr 18
Paris – Laon 1,5 hr 14
Paris – Hirson 3,15 hrs
(connexion in Laon)
Lille – Vervins 2,5 hrs 4
Lille – Hirson 1,70 hr 13

Taxi reservation

Van rental


Locations and settings

Dark, misty, eerie, surreal, poetic… the Thiérache region offers a wide range of atmospheres where your movies will reach their full meaning. You will undoubtedly find the perfect setting where your characters will come alive. Choose the scenery that will bring your scenarios to reality.

Exceptional site

These admirable locations, with their cinematic atmosphere, contribute to the interest you will have in Thiérache.

Through the ages

Transplant your scenario into a heritage that has been preserved for nearly 500 years, when civil and religious wars raged.

Industrial and social

In this country of coal and steel production with numerous still operating or abandoned factories, you will find atypical spaces that are a source of inspiration for your films.

World wars

Recreate the atmosphere of both wars in an environment that retains the memory of the conflicts that took place there.

Nature and landscapes

Looking for a change of scenery, meadows, fields as far as the eye can see, waterfalls and rivers? Thiérache provides a green setting for your production.

Rural atmosphere

The rural Thiérache, with its farms, livestock, hedgerows, and more, provides the backdrop for your staging.

Unusual places in Thiérache

When a door opens on these places, by chance or by choice, it is impossible not to see a potential setting for fiction.